Presentation and objectives

Navarrosa was born in the year 2004 with a global objective to provide strategic insights to help our clients achieve their technical and key business objectives all fields related to the Information Society. We have developed innovation´s projects on topics such as Smart City, Sustainable Buildings and Digital Homes.

Navarrosa’s brand is based on the talent of its employees and its commitment to innovation. Precision, growth and responsible innovation are the results.
We cultivate and develop important values such as:

  • Human capital: from a perfectly integrated and prepared team, which results in each contributing the best of himself in creativity and knowledge.
  • Social responsibility: as a commitment to business development based on the satisfaction of his immediate environment.
  • Capacity for innovation: In technology and development of business opportunities.
  • Experience: the union of knowledge in different professional fields that, by working together as a team, make it possible to address the development of business in all its facets of analysis, marketing, engineering.


Our objectives, in a global way, can be synthesized in the following:

  • The consultancy carried out in Navarrosa is reflected in reports and studies related to the fields of new information and communication technologies (ICT), as well as in the creation and development of associated business plans.
  • Promoting and encouraging the development of services, technologies and systems related to the introduction of intelligence and efficiency in buildings and homes through the control and communications of the various facilities they have.
  • Provide training in the various technological sectors related to the Information Society.