Areas of activity

The main areas of activity of Navarrosa CyF in the projects and studies carried out since its creation have been specified in the following sections.

Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) Market
A very important point in NVR’s trajectory has been the exploration of infrastructures and technologies on which to base the new Information Society services. In this regard, the action has been channeled into action both in the integration of products and services and in R+D+i actions.

New businesses and partners
The final vision of NVR in all the projects in which it has been involved has been to achieve the development of new businesses that, having the final vision of the user, would allow opening new action scenarios.

Smart Building
The fundamental focus in the life of NVR has been the creation, development, implementation and integration of infrastructures and technologies on which to develop the building and urban planning of the 21st century. The entire process of definition and specification of the Digital Home in the environment of Sustainable Building and the Smart City have been key elements in Navarrosa’s work.

Environment and sustainability
An essential element in any current human activity is respect for the environment, its conservation, integrity and constant improvement, everything that has been called sustainability, where all factors count. Navarrosa takes into account its horizontal and essential character in all projects and works actively on the decisive factors for their achievement, whether they are passive as structural elements of Sustainable Living Environments or active as energy efficiency.

Smart Grids, a key element of Smart Cities, are the ideal scenario to which all energy efficiency, renewable energy or energy saving initiatives tend to take place in homes, communities or electrical energy networks and systems. NVR has worked with important partners in these areas, which are always in the background of any building or urban project.

Security and Control
The security of the family, the individual, and the control of their environment are fundamental elements in the development of the residential sector in the 21st century. Navarrosa has worked in this regard by disseminating the advantages of new technologies for the user.

Not long ago this concept was restricted to the architectural elements of the building, but the use of ICT provides essential elements that complement the architecture and enhance the use of housing for all users, especially the elderly and those with disabilities.

The user, not understanding as such only the end customer and recipient of the technologies and their services, but their agents who must implement and manage them, must be aware of all the possibilities of the services offered by the new infrastructures and devices and their integration into the building and urban planning. NVR has worked on all communication fronts for all these years.


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